The Studio

A team of highly talented artisans help to create the unique, beautifully handcrafted glass sculptures sought after by collectors worldwide.

Dmitri Rudenko
– Co-Owner and Master Craftsman

Dmitri has been with Blake Street Glass for 15 years.

He is a master craftsman with an impeccable attention to detail. Dmitri brings his strong work ethic and down-to-earth nature to the studio.

Dmitri is responsible for cutting, polishing, and ensuring quality control to every piece.



Zach Yuskanich – The Positive Vibe Technician

Zach has been with the studio for 6 years and brings an abundance of talent and positivity to the team.

He earned his degree in fine arts from the University of Illinois and has studied under renowned glass artists in Morano, Italy and the Kansas glass art community before finding his home in Denver.

Zach spends much of his time in the cold shop, but is always willing to contribute his amazing hand-eye coordination to the hot shop as needed.




Evan Seeling 

Evan’s passion for glassblowing and life are rooted in the philosophy of sacred geometry. The purpose of his work is to show the connection between people and the natural world.





In loving memory of Macy, the studio’s best friend.





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